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A little background

I moved to Philadelphia from London eight years ago. Over the past 20 years, I have lived in multiple cities where I gained invaluable experience working for some of the most influential design agencies.

I am an accomplished creative director and trusted brand strategist to a selection of the world's elite brands, with over 20 years of graphic design experience and over 12 years experience in creative direction, marketing, brand/digital strategy, and marketing communications. I have lead and partcipated on many creative briefs for many organizations and industries. Along the way, I have helped inspire, critique and direct design teams.

My goal is to continue to produce innovative, influential work with passion, creativity and excellent results.

A few things to note:
I love knitting, I enjoy cherry picking the dark chocolate bits out of the trail mix jar, I keep my mind and body in check by video streaming Tracey Anderson, I can speak two other languages and Im a mother of two kids who always seem to be full of beans.

My mantra is Calmness is Power.